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How we roll - A Lexington Bike Polo primer (rules)

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:56 am    Post subject: How we roll - A Lexington Bike Polo primer (rules) Reply with quote

Every city seems to have their own rules and standards for bike polo, so here's a quick primer for beginners, or those interested in coming out to join in on the fun... just a short list of how we typically play, and the rules for playing:

Games are typically played with teams consisting of 3 players each. First team to score 5 goals wins.

� No "dabbing out", "tapping out", whatever you call it (foot down)
Your feet cannot touch the ground during play, but it happens and it happens often. When it does, this is called "dabbing out", and requires you to ride *outside the area of play*, usually to strike a designated spot or object, and back in before you can resume regular playing.

� No high-sticking
In bike polo, there's really no need for you to have to swing your mallet way up over your head to strike the ball. This is dangerous to other players, especially in instances where action is concentrated in one area. Don't run the risk of hitting someone in the head with your mallet - try not to swing your mallet much higher than your handlebars.

� No mallet throwing!
Self explanatory. Whether it is in defense of the goal, or to disable an opponent, it's just plain dangerous and wrong. If you do this, you get what you deserve.

� No T-boning, or other intentional collisions: "Line Rules"
If a player has struck the ball, or is dribbling with the ball in the ball's direction of travel, that player has what we call, "Line of Ball". No player should intentionally cut off another player who has the line of ball in such a way as to cause an intentional collision (as in T-boning). However, it is acceptable to ride beside or against at a shallow angle to the player with Line of Ball and attempt to steal to ball, but never to intentionally cause collision to disrupt play.

� Don't be a dick*
Self explanatory. You're out here to have fun, not win gold medals. It's bike polo, so you really shouldn't take it so seriously that you become an asshole.

Other stuff you should know:
Bring a bike that you don't mind getting roughed up a little. Don't bring your expensive mountain bike, carbon road frame, or your sexy Japanese track bike. That is, unless you don't mind people whacking mallets into it, or possibly crashing it into other bikes.

We've found that the best bikes for polo are inexpensive, stripped-down freewheel mtn. bikes, with low gearing for quick acceleration. Most of our bikes have been modified with rear-brake only, and the brake lever on the left-hand side. This allows you to maneuver and brake while riding with the mallet in your right hand... otherwise, you risk doing an endo. Anything you can remove that isn't necessary is a good thing (derailleurs, kickstands, fenders, etc.).

If you guys see anything I might have missed, I'll edit this thread as I see fit. -b

*edited so as to not offend any segment of the human race or class of species. Unless of course, we're overlooking some entity or social trend we're not aware of. In that case, we apologize tremendously, and hope you'll still think we're decent human beings.
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